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Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio

Vic Cundiff

They're known by many names; Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie, Yeti, Almas and the list goes on. For centuries, eyewitnesses have reported seeing them in forests all over the world.

You might wonder what's it like to have an encounter with a Sasquatch. Well, listen to the show and you'll hear eyewitnesses tell you what it was like for them when they encountered a Sasquatch.

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In the fall of 2019, tonight’s guest, Scott Pace, was deer hunting on a hunting lease, in Northern Louisiana, when something happened that he never would have expected. It was so extreme that most hunters would have melted on the spot. It was a beautiful evening and at around 6 PM, to Scott’s horror, he came to the shocking realization that a Sasquatch and a Dogman were merely feet from the box stand he was sitting in. Before that evening, he’d never had any encounters with cryptids. Understandably, he was terrified to his core! What happened next was even more surprising than coming to the realization that the Sasquatch and Dogman had gotten so close to him, without him knowing it. We hope you’ll tune in and listen to Scott chronicle what happened, as well as what happened when he’s had other encounters, since that day. If you’d like to check out my new Bigfoot show, called "My Bigfoot Sighting," you can listen using your favorite podcast app. Here's a link to the My Bigfoot Sighting Channel on Spotify...

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My Bigfoot Sighting
Dogman Encounters
My Paranormal Experience

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