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Bored Chili Podcast

Vera the Ape

Bored Chili Podcast is hosted by Vera the Ape/verali.eth, co-hosted by Jacky/taipeicity.eth, art designed by BoredApeLady1/ladyone.eth

This podcast is born out of the Chili BAYC community founded by Vera, we're a community that helps and supports each other in the Metaverse and IRL.

In 100 hot ones, we will interview 100 apes, learn about their story, and extract as many valuable learnings and lessons as we can! Come learn about our awesome community members and build this community with us!

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Meet your host and guest!

In this episode, I interviewed BAYC Community Council member Laura Rod to share her journey:

(00:00:30) Introduction and how got to know each other
(00:02:00) Laura before web3
(00:03:20) Ape story
(00:07:20) The start of the Miami Ape
(00:10:50) Issues in web3 and overcoming them together
(00:16:30) Advice for those entering web3
(00:21:20) Miami apes
(00:25:00) Women in web3
(00:30:30) Job board on Twitter and empowering others
(00:34:50) Hosting the official BAYC space
(00:41:00) Talking BAYC Community Council

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