Kingdom Sexuality

Kingdom Sexuality

Kingdom Sexuality

Join Alana, Paris, and Kyle as they journey into the mission of uncovering God's truths and design for sexual freedom within marriage. They're going to be tackling some big questions. Things like why couples go into marriage feeling ill-equipped about sex, and how couples years into their marriages can find wholesome ways to spice things up. From interviews, to "sex-timonies", and everything in-between- this is the Kingdom Sexuality podcast.

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Here's part two of our episode with Samantha Enns, Kyle's lovely wife! Alana asked her the questions that our followers sent over on Instagram. Sam tackles some big questions like "Did you struggle with comparison, knowing what he'd seen?" and "Did his addiction impact your sex life? How?". Again, we are so sorry for those of you who are going through this. We're praying that Sam's vulnerability and Kyle's testimony will encourage you.  

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @kingdomsexuality to see more of our content! You'll see weekly "hump day" sex positions, content for the men on Thursdays, connect questions, couples challenges, and so much more!  

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