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William Barr is no stranger to the Department of Justice having spent time at the DOJ during Reagan’s, H. W. Bush’s and Trump’s presidencies. He’s in fact one of only two people to hold the role of Attorney General twice. His record is characterized by tough on crime policy as well as a strict, constitutional interpretation of the law.  AG Barr’s new book, One Damn Thing After Another, chronicles the rollercoaster of events that took place while he was the Attorney General under President Trump and he joins me to discuss it all: the russia collusion fabrication, COVID, the BLM race riots, the 2020 election and more. Plus, we’ll get his thoughts on the unprecedented leak from the Supreme Court and the current DOJ’s January 6th investigations and arrests.    Become a Daily Wire member at and get access to bonus questions with AG Barr! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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