Trust Talks & Digital Dives

Trust Talks & Digital Dives


In the age of a digital society fueled by Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), verifying information authenticity is more critical than ever. Our podcasts highlight the urgently needed tools to verify information authenticity while connecting the benefits of digital trust and identity verification capabilities that put privacy, security, and control at the centre of the design. We thread Canadian perspectives through a global digital economy value lens and raise awareness of individuals and organizations on the society-changing benefits and challenges of digital trust and identity.

Trust Talks & Digital Dives is produced by DIACC. DIACC is Canada's largest and most diverse voice on digital trust and identity. We're a not-for-profit association of public and private sector members championing digital trust and identity capabilities with privacy and security built in by design. To learn more about DIACC, visit DIACC.CA

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  • 20 - Diving into Law Societies, Lawyers, and Trusted Client ID Verification with Phil, Jay, and Meyer 
    Wed, 08 May 2024
  • 19 - Signalling Trust with PCTF Certification with ATB Ventures | Oliu, KUMA, and DIACC 
    Wed, 01 May 2024
  • 18 - Women In Leadership of Digital Trust and Identity with Iliana Oris Valiente 
    Wed, 17 Apr 2024
  • 17 - Leveraging the Foundations of the Financial Ecosystem to Fight Human Trafficking with Karan Puri 
    Wed, 10 Apr 2024
  • 16 - Women In Leadership of Digital Trust and Identity with Fadwa Mohanna 
    Wed, 03 Apr 2024
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