TezCast — The Tezos Podcast

TezCast — The Tezos Podcast

Kevin Mehrabi

TezCast (Tezos Podcast) Discussing everything Tezos (XTZ). Latest news, updates, interviews, commentary. Guest speakers, questions, answers, giveaways.

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It's been years but now TezCast is back with new episodes! Consider this episode a reboot, and we're starting off with an overview of Tezos! So if you're unfamiliar with Tezos or even if you just haven't paid close attention to it in the last few years, this episode is a great primer!

Show notes:

  • Intro
  • What is Tezos?
  • On-Chain Governance and what it brings us
  • True Decentralization
  • Intellectual Inclusiveness
  • Community is something special in Tezos
  • Different meanings of 'Tezos' to different cohorts
  • How Tezos became so big in the Art community? (An unexpected triumph!)
  • Tezos DeFi, its history, and why it has been taking so long to scale
  • Tezos Foundation vs Centrally-planned Ecosystems
  • Rollups on Tezos, EVM compatibility, and the dawn of Etherlink (Layer 2 - EVM compatible)
  • Developer experience and catching up to the market leader!
  • Outro

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For more information on Tezos, go to https://tezos.com

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