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Every Friday, join Ruby for News Time as she counts down the week’s most interesting news stories for kids. From amazing animals to special events, the natural world to outer space, News Time is made especially for children to help them understand the world around them.

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On the show today, we’re going to take a look at how the stinging plant might take the sting out of pain. Then we’ll travel around Australia with a man on a special scooter. Next, we’ll meet a white echidna. After that, we’ll say Sorry and talk about Reconciliation. nd then we discover how human hair can help plants grow. QUESTIONS: What is another name for the stinging tree? What is a paraplegic? Why is Raffie the echidna white? What is Sorry Day? What can hair be recycled for? BONUS TRICKY QUESTION: Why is human hair good for soils? ANSWERS: The Gympie-Gympie tree. A person who can't move their legs because their spine has been damaged. It is an albino echidna. Sorry Day recognises the pain and hurt suffered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. To make compost BONUS TRICKY ANSWER: Each tiny strand of hair is packed with nutrients like nitrogen, carbon and protein and once it’s broken down, it feeds the soils and makes plants grow big and strong.

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