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Mysterious Radio: Paranormal, UFO & Lore Interviews

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2023 Season 8 New Release: This book is the about the extraordinary and actual discovery of what could be an Extraterrestrial (ET) deposited code and how its solution leads to a response to its message. It correlates very interesting factual information from science, history, mathematics, geography, and logic. It also has just the right amount of deductive reasoning sprinkled into the mix. It all flows together and leads to an amazing conclusion. It does not just end with the conclusion. It ends by designing and proposing an experiment to put the conclusion to the test. It leaves the reader entertained, educated, and satisfied but wanting more. The process and results presented in this book have never before been conceived, published, or put to the test. It is an original scientific concept that lives somewhere between science fact and science fiction depending on one’s point of view.
Author Stephen J. Silva is an engineer with over 25 years of practical engineering experience. His formal education includes an Associate of Science degree from the Florida Institute of Technology in Offshore Marine Technology and a Civil / Environmental Engineering degree from the University of Vermont.
Message from the Author: It is my hope that this book and my website ( will encourage real discussion on the subject of extraterrestrial communication and related topics. Everything related to the topic is open for discussion. Alien existence, UFOs, alien abductions, creation of the universe, "Ancient Astronaut Theory", God and religious implications - it’s all on the table at the record, I had my first and only UFO experience on November 8, 2020 at age 59 and immediately I wrote a blog on my website about it so go check it out - it will blow your mind.Let it be known that I am a proud and faithful Christian that believes in God. That can be a volatile position for some people when the subject of the creation of humans, extraterrestrials and of the universe is on the table.I encourage and welcome all opinions, theories, positions, and points of view with an open mind.

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