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The Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project was formed in 2019 to defend American democracy from Donald Trump and those who identify (publicly or privately) as MAGA supporters. Creators of the most successful and poignant viral ads in the political sphere, the Lincoln Project has a reputation for saying the things others are afraid to say. For nearly five years, the Lincoln Project has waged a relentless campaign of targeted attacks on Trump and his deranged ilk, armed with the most watched and talked-about ad content on the internet. At the helm of this organization is the host of the LP Podcast, Rick Wilson, a veteran political strategist and former Republican operative who left the party in 2016 after it became clear that Republicans were on a destructive path that would endanger America's institutions. The Lincoln Project podcast features a range of special guests, from the leading political minds to pop-culture icons. Sitting down with noteworthy experts and significant voices of our time, The Lincoln Project podcast discusses various topics, from current events of the week to in-depth conversations about the genesis of a special guest’s career – and everything in between. Broadening out the subject matter beyond just politics and making the conversation more relatable to everyone, The Lincoln Project podcast’s mission is to reignite the political flame in every American and to break down the biggest topics of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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On the two-year anniversary of the historic Dobbs Decision, guest Ryan Hamilton shares the experience he and his wife had, which Republicans continue to claim doesn’t exist: abortion laws endangering the life of a mother. Talking with host Rick Wilson, Ryan relays the harrowing experience of he and his wife losing their baby and the life-threatening circumstances they had to endure in the aftermath of archaic laws in Texas. You don’t want to miss this one. Follow Rick Wilson at @TheRickWilson on X and subscribe to his Substack at Join the fight with Lincoln Project at and follow us on X at @ProjectLincoln. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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