Bore You To Sleep - Sleep Stories for Adults

Bore You To Sleep - Sleep Stories for Adults


Become a Paid Subscriber: Become a Paid Subscriber: Welcome to "Bore you to Sleep," hosted by Teddy. Our podcast offers intentionally dull bedtime stories for adults, read in slow and easy-to-understand English. Incorporating sleep hypnosis and meditation techniques, our stories can help you relax and fall asleep. Whether you suffer from chronic insomnia or just have difficulty sleeping, our calming stories can help you unwind and escape daily stresses. We have a variety of stories, including classic literature and fairy tales, to suit everyone. Subscribe now to "Bore you to Sleep" for a peaceful night's rest and the sleep you deserve.

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Tonight’s reading comes from a Traveler at 40. This story was published in 1913 and written by Theodore Dreiser. It’s a lovely story about an American gentleman’s journey around Europe, during the time where you travelled on via boat, and land. My name is Teddy and I aim to help people everywhere get a good night’s rest. Sleep is so important and my mission is to help you get the rest you need. The podcast is designed to play in the background while you slowly fall asleep. For those new to the podcast, it started from my own struggles with sleep. I wanted to create a resource for others facing similar challenges, and I'm so grateful for the amazing community we've built together. This podcast is self-made and produced, which is why you'll hear a short ad at the beginning of each episode. These ads, along with support from subscribers and patrons, enable me to keep delivering this podcast for free to those who need it. Thank you to everyone who shared their words of gratitude with me during the week, whether through the website or their podcast app. Your messages mean the world to me. A special thanks to the new subscribers via Spotify for Podcasters and all existing subscribers and Patreon sponsors. Your support is invaluable. My goal is to keep this podcast free and accessible to everyone. This is why you'll hear a quick ad from Spotify at the beginning of each episode. It helps generate financial support for the creation of the podcast. Support from listeners via Patreon and Spotify also plays a crucial role. If you find the podcast beneficial and would like to support it, here are a few ways you can contribute: • Follow the podcast in your app and leave a comment. • Become a subscriber for $2.99 a month to remove Spotify ads and support episode creation. • If subscribing isn't possible, an easy way to help is by leaving a review and rating in your podcast app. Even one sentence helps a lot. To support the show with a monthly contribution, please visit Patreon is a great way to do this, and if you're on Spotify, you can click "Support this Podcast" in the show notes. Sincerely, Teddy

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