The Rockstar VA Podcast

The Rockstar VA Podcast

Shiela Pialago

Hosted by Shiela Pialago, the Rockstar VA Podcast empowers Virtual Assistants and Freelancers to thrive in the digital realm. Dive into actionable insights from industry leaders, success stories from top-performing VAs, and proven strategies to boost productivity, uphold ethics, and maximize remote work efficiency.

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In this episode, let's take a peek at a topic that's both challenging and crucial in our careers: adapting to change in client partnerships.

We often view our work as building lasting relationships, but the dynamic nature of business means changes are inevitable. I share my personal experiences, including ending a contract with a long-term client for growth, and dealing with the sudden sale of another client's business.

These stories aren't just about dealing with loss and uncertainty; they're about embracing change as an opportunity for professional and personal development.This episode is packed with practical advice on staying informed, diversifying skills, and building a financial cushion to navigate these transitions smoothly.

Plus, I'll give you a sneak peek into my exciting new project with thought leaders, showcasing how change can lead to thrilling new opportunities.

Join me as we explore how to 'woman up' and turn these challenging moments into stepping stones for growth and success. Let's embrace change together and thrive in our ever-evolving journey!

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